Martin Coath

Welcome everybody.

  • I am a scientist, science communicator, programmer and musician

  • My time is divided between research, outreach, and sharing my enthusiasm for science and encouraging everyone to think about it's place in our lives

  • I have a track record of working with a wide range of interest groups, in the media, and in schools. I am passionate about the importance of engaging everybody, but particularly young people, with science and engineering, and try my best to be entertaining!

In Brief
  • PhD Neuroscience
  • MSc (with distinction) Computational Intelligence
  • BSc Hons. Chemistry
  • MBCS
Award winning STEM ambassador; Track record of independent and collaborative research; Developer of Arts/Science crossover projects.
Experienced communicator and trainer; Effective at live events, in print, and in broadcast media; Successful collaborations with schools, charities, science festivals, museums. 

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